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Application forms are available from the school office as from April 2017 and are not available on this website.




School begins at 7h30 for all learners

Gr 4 – 7 ends at 13h45 daily (Monday to Friday)

Foundation Phase: Gr R, 1 and 2 and 3 ends at 13h15


20 March 2017  –  School holiday

21 March 2017  –  Human Rights Day

14 April 2017     –   Good Friday

17 April 2017     –   Family Day

27 April 2017     –   Freedom Day

28 April 2017     –   School holiday

1 May 2017       –    Workers Day






Close:          31 March 2017 at 10h00

Reopens:     18 April 2017 at 07h30



All extra-murals start:  Monday 16 January 2017

Sport & Cultural end:   Thursday 23 March 2017

Welcome to Brooklyn Primary

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We strive to provide learners with a broad-based Education in accordance with the Act, reflecting the values, needs and aspirations of the Community which it serves. Brooklyn Primary upholds values and principles, while recognizing and protecting Freedom of Religion. We advance English as the Official Language and medium of instruction at the school.

Brooklyn Primary believes in upholding, protecting and advancing Teaching and Academic standards in order to achieve the highest level of Education and Moral standards in a Liberal Educational Environment, allowing each learner the opportunity to reach his/her full potential.

(012) 460 3238

279 Murray Street, Brooklyn, 0181

Mon - Fri 07:30 - 13:45

Our vision is to create an institution of academic excellence that also recognises
the value of sport and culture in promoting personal growth and unity within diversity

Our Mission statement

To provide facilities for and encourage participation of learners in Sport, Cultural and Extra-Curricular activities as an integral part of the education of learners.

To strive to in still in learners Pride in themselves, the School and the Community which it serves.

To develop Responsibility and Accountability amongst all stakeholders.

To create Constructive Partnership with all stakeholders.

Our Learners

Our Team


Satisfied Parents


We take pride in achieving and upholding excellent academic standards due to our educators’ dedication.


We offer our students sport opportunities such as soccer, netball, athletics, cricket and swimming.


We invest in our students to build a culture that respects and values cultural diversity


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