Brooklyn School has always taken pride in achieving and upholding excellent academic standards. The educators take pride in their work. It is due to their dedication and diligence, under the competent leadership of principals, past and present, that it has been possible for the school to maintain high levels of teaching and learning.
The school endeavours to meet the academic needs of learners in the best possible way while still conforming to national and provincial regulations. In spite of the many challenges presented by the current system of education and the fact that Brooklyn is largely a multi-cultured school, we take great satisfaction in noting that the school’s averages for the Annual National Assessments are far above the national averages reported in the press (see below).
Our School Governing Body has always tried, to the best of its ability, to employ additional teachers so that class sizes remain manageable for educators and this has enabled educators to be more effective. The school is doing its best to promote a culture of learning and teaching and our educators are at work and on duty as they should be. The educators are qualified and (most of them) highly experienced. Our school offers a well-equipped media centre as well as a computer centre.
Identified learners in need of assistance are given an opportunity to improve their academic skills at the computer centre at pre-arranged times (by invitation) where specially designed computer programmes are used, under supervision of an educator, to identify and rectify concepts that have not been properly grasped. Academically, Brooklyn School compares favourably with other primary schools in our area.