Upcoming Events

Teenzone Magazine Article – Youth Day – 16 June 2016

In light of Youth Day, we thought that it would be appropriate to highlight the efforts of our youth in improving the world we live in! The students and teachers of Brooklyn Primary School (Pretoria) participated in knitting blanket squares in preparation for Nelson... read more

Upcoming Events 2018

03 – 14 September: Change over to summer uniform
05 September: 15 Merit Civvies
07 September: National Casual Day
10 – 13 September: All Media Books must be returned
14 September: Cake and Candy (Gr 4 & 5)
19 September: Brooklyn Jetsetters Concert
20 September: Brooklyn Jetsetters Concert
21 September: Big Walk
24 September: PUBLIC HOLIDAY (Heritage Day)
26 September: AGM
27 September: Act Studios concert in hall
28 September: Civvies Day (R5)
28 September: School closes at 10:00

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