In light of Youth Day, we thought that it would be appropriate to highlight the efforts of our youth in improving the world we live in!

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The students and teachers of Brooklyn Primary School (Pretoria) participated in knitting blanket squares in preparation for Nelson Mandela Day. On this day South Africans celebrate the 67 years Nelson Mandela dedicated to the Democracy that is South Africa. Nelson Mandela Day aims to show that no good deed is too small. The students and teachers of Brooklyn Primary highlighted this aspect perfectly.

The drive was organised by Charmaine Harris and the results of the drive were outstanding. The blanket squares were graciously joined by various volunteers. Those that were not able to knit blanket squares donated store-bought blankets. Charmaine stressed that the drive was not a competition but that the students and teachers were encouraged to participate. The drive, however, gradually developed into one driven by friendly competition!

The entire drive and general enthusiasm of the students expresses the true spirit, not only of Nelson Mandela Day BUT also of Youth Day. On Youth Day we recognize the impact that the youth had on the fight for freedom during Apartheid. This day also, however, recognizes the overall ability of youth to change the world for the better. We, at Teenzone, are proud of Brooklyn Primary School and any other school or organisation that has/will participate in a similar drive!

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We hope that you have already decided what you will be doing on Nelson Mandela Day because Teenzone will be making a big deal out of the day this year. Keep your eyes and ears open for competition details!

By: Kriszti Bottyan