We invite ages 6-9 to start developing their soccer skills.

Coaching is on Thursday afternoons during 2nd term.  Parent involvement is encouraged to assist with coaching.

This is an exciting 2 seasons for our youngsters, who normally play with much enthusiasm.

Mini-Soccer requires a minimum of 7 players including the goal keeper.

They play for 10 minutes and one way only.

Inter- House Soccer

Our four houses select teams, who play off against each other to determine which house is the BEST in the school.

A series of matches are played, which then ends in a final match during the last week of the 2nd term.

Junior house soccer matches combine U9 and U10.  The junior matches are played on a mini-soccer basis.

Senior house soccer matches U11, U12, U13 and U14.

The Senior Matches are played on a normal 11 a-side basis.

Dress Code


White shorts

White golf shirt with blue collar

Takkie / Trainers (NO Sneakers e.g: Tomy, high tops etc)

Brooklyn soccer socks

Interhouse soccer played in house t-shirt and white pants

NOTE: soccer kit will be supplied to the open side only for soccer matches


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Our netball teams excelled this year.  We look forward to more action in 2019.  We have a very active Netball team who keep busy with practice throughout the year. Learners who take part in Netball must make sure they have their own balls for practice. We have in recent years even had a few girls receiving their Gauteng Colours.

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Inter-House Athletics

Athletics is the major sport offered in the 3rd term, and the programme starts with the Inter-House trials (Field events – high jump, long jump and , shot put, middle distance and track events which include sprints, hurdle and relay).  At present, high jump, long jump and shot put are offered for under 11, 12, 13 and 14 pupils only, hurdles and middle distance from under 10 to under 14, relays from under 8 to under 14 and sprints from under 6 to under 14.

For many athletes, the inter-house athletics meeting is the highlight of their athletics year.  The Inter-house is held annually at the beginning of term 3 and the School athletics team is chosen on the basis of individual performance at this event.

Inter-School Athletics

Brooklyn hosts two athletic meetings per year – one field event and one track event. Usually three neighbouring schools per meeting are invited to attend.

In addition Brooklyn accepts at least  1-2 invitations to track /field meetings organised by neighbouring schools. The athletic season culminates in two events organised by PEPSAA (The Pretoria Primary Schools’ Athletics Association). PEPSAA ranks Pretoria Primary Schools into 3 Regions or Bonds – Region A, B and C. On an annual basis the winner of a lower region replaces the loser of the higher region. Brooklyn is in the A Region and strives to retain this position each year.

Brooklyn awards athletic colours to all under 12, 13 or 14 Brooklyn athletes who achieve a bronze, silver or gold medal at the Prestige meeting.

Dress Code

Inter-house:      House shirt and white pants

School team:     White shorts and white golf shirt with blue collar

Practice:             White shorts and white golf shirt with blue collar

White (or mainly white) athletic shoes or spikes (optional).  Most primary school athletes participate in bare feet.

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All Grade 1, 2 and 3 boys and girls are invited to become involved in mini-cricket. Coaching is on Thursdays from 13:45 to 14:45.

As with mini-Soccer, parent involvement is encouraged with coaching on Thursdays.  The focus is on participation and fun while learning hand – eye co-ordination.

All players must wear white shorts,  Brooklyn white golf shirt with blue collar,  soccer socks and a white hat.

Inter-House Cricket

Depending on the league programme, inter-house matches are played in the 1st term. Junior house matches (under 9 and under 10 players) are played only if there are sufficient players. Learners who will be playing cricket should have their own ball for practice.  Senior house matches are annual events and are played by under 11, 12, 13 and 14 boys. Preference for house teams is given to players who have played for the school.

Dress Code

White shorts

White golf shirt with blue collar

Takkie / Trainers (NO Sneakers e.g:  Tomy, high tops etc)

Interhouse cricket played in house t-shirt and white pants



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Ages 11 + can take part in swimming at the school.

We have teachers who are dedicated to the sport and learners, as well as external coaches who help grow the sport from strength to strength.

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